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Relapse Treatment

Our Relapse Program is designed for the person that has relapsed back to active alcoholism or addiction (or feel you, or your loved one, are about to) after a sustained period or periods of abstinence. Your, or your loved-one's, focus in our Relapse Program will be on re-entering recovery, identifying the issues that led to relapse and developing a support system and recovery plan specific to your own circumstances and needs.
Your relapse treatment plan will be developed and monitored by Ashley's team of medical professionals, certified counselors, dietitian, physical fitness trainer and other staff. Relapse treatment consists of medically supervised detoxification, individual sessions with your Relapse-certified counselor, group therapy in an all-relapse group, relapse-specific lectures and workshops, 12 Step meetings and daily meditation. Therapeutic activities include aerobics and yoga with certified instructors. Ashley also offers optional spiritual services and pastoral counseling. The family members of our relapse patients are strongly encouraged to participate in the weekend Family Wellness Program.
Ashley pioneered comprehensive relapse treatment by launching our Relapse Program in 1985. We recognized that a relapse patient would receive limited benefit from simply “re-doing” primary treatment, and sought the expertise of Terrence Gorski, President of CENAPS. Mr. Gorski is world renowned for his work in relapse prevention. Our staff and Terry Gorski worked together to blend treatment philosophies and create a treatment model that incorporated 12 Step values and Gorski’s relapse prevention model.
Many relapse patients are burdened with a co-occurring condition, such as depression or anxiety. The Ashley relapse staff is trained to explore these issues and get to the root of the problems that have made sobriety maintenance a challenge. Our staff clinical psychologist will often be part of the assessment and treatment team.
About one-third of Ashley's patient population participate in the relapse program. All counselors working with relapse patients are certified by CENAPS.
Father Martin’s Ashley Relapse Program:
  • For people who have relapsed back to active alcoholism or addiction, after sustained sobriety
  • Patients assigned to a Gorski-certified relapse counselor for group and individual therapy
  • Uses medically supervised detoxification
  • Therapeutic activities including exercise, art therapy, Music for the Inner Self sessions and meditation
  • Separate relapse warning-sign identification and awareness strategy workshops
Father Martin’s Ashley Inpatient Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Center
Clinical Program Director George Plesniak (left) and Continuing Care Manager Sheila Matricciani remain in close contact with internationally renowned relapse educator Terry Gorski (right) shown at his office in Florida.

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